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Project Runway

Oh my gosh!  Did I mention I got my friends hooked on project runway?  lol, it’s addictive that’s for sure and last night Christian and Chris had a fantastic outfit that they translated very well into ready to wear to be honest though I loved their outfits I would have personally loved, loved, loved, to wear the fierce jacket done by Victorya and Jillian and to be honest if they had managed their time a bit better and had a good ready to wear interpretation of their avant-garde design (namely a rtw jacket in the style!) then they would have won it.

You can see that wicked black jacket and the aweeeeeesome designs by Chris and Christian right here 


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That’s right today my darling daughter Madeline (Dee) is 11! I’m so very excited. We’re just waiting for Mr Man to get home so we can have the car and go out to do something girly.

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