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Ok, and here we go again, lol. I’ve got the back done and a side as seen here

but it was ticking me off and I HAD to finish up what I’m giving my adopted brothers girlfriends gift, lol. I adopt some folks into my family because there are the extra family that God didn’t give me to begin with so that I would have the joy of discovering them.

Anyhoo I had to block the scarf as witnessed here

This was done with that schmancy mohair wool stuff that I’d managed to snag at the nice Wally World while it was on clearance. I got it for a buck! What luck, lol.

So I’m scampering around yesterday realizing that I’ve got to be in Orlando by dinner Saturday for a family dinner at my dads and then Sunday my mom is getting married and I have completely forgotten to mail out my gifts for this year [grin] but that’s ok cause everyone knows I’m a flake and will be happy that they got something this year as we were broke last year, hehe. Which reminds me I need to take my brother Jon his (I think it was birthday) present from a couple months ago that I’d forgotten to take with me when we went down last time. I mean realllllllllly folks, I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached. I don’t mean to be that way it’s just I get distracted and’ that’s all she wrote ya know?

So in the midst of all my flightyness I was waiting for our “semi permanent” houseguest Geoff to get a phone call because someone FINALLY told my friends about some department that helps veterans get work and they went there yesterday morning and now they’re waiting for a call about a job.

I’m telling you the state of Florida treats folks who have worked hard all their lives but need help to get back on their feet like CRAP.  From what they said they wen’t into their appointment today and the lady was like huge & hairy and just kept going on and on about how she was previous military and she was ok, and her daddy was a Marine and blah blah blah…. ooooook, now what the heck does that have to do with the fact that my friends are literally jobless (not for lack of trying though) and homeless?  The state is only willing to help them out with $250 a month plus food stamps saying that it’s so poor and blah blah and that Sandy would have to be downtown every single day at 8:30 in the morning in “dressy work clothes” looking for a job on the computer down there… ummm, what the bloody heck do you think they’re doing now?  Sitting here eating bon bons?   And what freakin windfall is going to allow her to get some clothes that aren’t casual?  And how the heck is she supposed to get down there?  We’re not wealthy folks ourselves and we’re already doing what we can for them.

Heck, if it wasn’t for the Xmas bonus Dave got we wouldn’t be able to get our car fixed and lemme tell ya a tie rod thingie is an important thing to have working properly on a car!

But nope, my friends are screwed when it comes to getting any state’s assistance to get back on their feet due to the fact that countless people in the past and present use the system as a hand OUT rather than a hand UP.  Effing leeches.


You know, I’ve been writing this post most of the morning, lol and forgot I had it up as I went around packing and waiting for the car to be done at the shop so we could get to dads.

Well, we called Midas who were supposed to do our car first thing in the morning and guess what?  They were just pulling it in to work on it and it’ll still be like 4 hours.  The bas*&@ds.  So we’re going to be late for the early family Xmas party :::sigh:::

Later folks.


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Ok, so I’ve got kp 3 going and I’m using the caron one pounder in some tan color. Here’s the back of the current take of the sweater pattern I’ve been fighting with, lol.

and here is the back off the machine with green scrap holding the stitches for me

That is all for now 🙂 actually didn’t take me that long to do this time must be because I’ve been fighting to do this for a couple days…… ok, a week. LOVE the sweater machine though only took me a half hour to do this once I got it all figured out, and it might not have taken me that long if I hadn’t been watching the Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer cartoon. Which reminds me of another great holiday song by Elmo and Patsy, lol.

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Gryffindor Scarf, hehe

I have the gryffindor scarf off the knitting machine!  This is what it looks like at the moment. Ignore the green waste yarn, lol.  Now of course this isn’t a full length one I did rows of 20 for each stripe with 7 maroon and 6 yellow and one of the stripes got an extra two rows because I turned my head to coo at the baby and accidentally went too far.  whops

Gimme a couple hours and it will be sewn up and have fringe.  I of course ended up with a hole in the blasted thing where a stitch dropped and I picked it back up wrong, lol.  But that was right by a side where I have to seam so maybe nobody will notice.  I’m just so jazzed I got it done. A bit of wax on my machine did the trick for sure, of course I guessed on where to wax it but I musta done it right because it just zipped right along.

Tonight I’m going to tackle that  darned Not so baby yoda sweater again, thrid times a charm after all ;-)~

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Good grief it took me all day yesterday and just til about 6 tonight to get my main household computer back up and running safely.  I can’t believe my son allowed some stupid program to download (he gave it freakin permission) he’s not a little kid and he knows better.  I think he was having some kind of weird “my brain is fried because I pretended to do so much work right before the holidays” moment, lol.

All good now though, ditched McAffee (sp) because it sucked in trying to get rid of the problem and now I’m back with AVG which I preferred in the first place but listened to the stupid computer guy and switched.  Never again.

On the positive side I’ve gotten quite a bit of the Gryffindor scarf done for my friend Bears son TJ.  Gosh I love my knitting machine!  I’ve given up on the blasted baby yoda sweater for the moment, lol.  I know when I’ve been whopped.

My next thing is to chart a special something that if I write it here the dear hubby might see it and it would ruin the surprise.  It’s manly though!  Ok I’ll give you a couple hints.  It might be the symbol from this site or it might be this skull  or it might be Odin’s Knot hahaha, because I’m not saying for sure,Mr Man won’t know what his Yule gift is if he sees this :::wiggling eyebrows:::

Ok, I’m outta here the baby is fussing at me to com play with her.


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Ya know :::shaking head::: the blasted Not So Baby Yoda Sweater is kicking my butt. I got the back done but I messed up somewhere, heh, casting off mind you! Then when I went to start the front the blasted carriage on my USM kept stalling for some reason. I think maybe it needs wax but for the life of me I didn’t know where it was last night so I said screw it and watched Project Runway.

I love project runway and was so happy when they finally got the new season going. I would love to be on project runway and I’m sure I’m not the only one, lol. The truly funny thing is that I’ve got my friends hooked on it now and we sit there and just crack up at some of the antics on there, especially that cute little dude Christian, he’s just such a damn HOOT! We also like Kevin but that’s because of his smile.

But back to this baby sweater thing.  I tried to do the Ewrap way of casting on for the front of this sweater and lordy lemme tell ya it just buggered up royally.  So I went through and did it again with the elastic string (which is also very wonderful for making easy smocking on sewn garments!) but 2 rows in I’ve got dropped stitches galore and everyone thinks I’m ready to chuck the machine out the window.  Ahh if they only knew, I won’t do that, I won’t give the blasted sweater machine that satisfaction, I will do it again, and again, and again, ever so patiently until I prevail !!!!!!!!!!  MUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHH.  And my beautiful Baby Bellatrix will have a freakin baby yoda sweater! :::evil cackling laugh:::

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I recently got involved in a machine knitting group on yahoo groups because I own a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine. My machine had been gathering dust under my couch since shortly after I got it due to my pregnancy of bed rest and then the issues of dealing with an infirm newborn. Kiddos great now mind you but I’m just getting back onto track and with the holidays coming and my arthritis acting up in my hands my beloved crochet was giving me fits so out comes the machine for another try.

Now I admit I’m not even done with the first new project because the sleeves of the baby sweater are giving me fits and with me dealing with the kids and the semi permanent house guests I’m just plain busy… BUT… that hasn’t stopped me from taking five minutes to look for my next pattern and yarn on ebay, lol. I love to shop victoriously as they say in the commercials! :::wiggling eyebrows:::

So where am I going with this? Well, I kept running across all these references to “punch cards” for knitting machines and so I posted to my goup asking what the heck they were and how they were used and I got an awesome response that I got permission to share with everyone here.

“Punchcards are used with machines that have a card reader, such as some
Brother and Studio/Silver-Reed machines, and others that were/are sold
under other names (Toyota, Singer, etc.). These machines have a card
reader that will take a plastic card punched with holes for a design,
such as every 12 or 24 stitches, repeated across the bed, or isolated at
one place on your knitted piece. Once you have the card set up, and your
carriage set properly, every time you move the carriage past the card
reader, it memorizes which needles should be selected for a second color
(when knitting fairisle or jacquard on a double-bed). The carriage
usually holds two colors, and knits both colors in the same pass of the

The cards can also be used to automatically select needles for tuck,
slip, weaving, and lace stitches. They’re a really good choice for a
second step up from a hobby machine. Pre-punched design cards are
available, and you can also get blank cards, or a roll of the plastic
for cards, and a hand punch, so that you can punch your own designs.
There are lots of punchcard books available, and there are a number of
dealers on ebay who have these books available on CD-format. Each of the
punchcard books put out by Brother and Studio-Silver Reed have hundreds
of patterns in them for all of the different types of stitches described
above. With a punchcard machine, you can do so much more, and it takes
all the work out of patterning.


San Jose, CA

Thank you again Randie for the wonderful information.

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You know, my friend Linda had brought over a slew of books on knitting from the library along with a book of hers titled “Reder’s Digest Complete Guide To Needlework”

  • Embroidery
  • Needlepoint
  • Knitting
  • Applique
  • Quilting
  • Patchwork
  • Macrame
  • Crochet
  • Rug-Making
  • Lacework

are all included in this book and I’ve got to tell you that after thumbing through most of the books and reading a couple the best book of the lot really is this Readers Digest book!  And I looked at Amazon and you can get it for practically nothing used.  I guess some folks don’t realize the treasure they have in this book and sell it instead.  It gives you the basic directions for all of those projects AND a slew of directions for the different stitches that even I can follow.  You can get the book HERE

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