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Ok, and here we go again, lol. I’ve got the back done and a side as seen here

but it was ticking me off and I HAD to finish up what I’m giving my adopted brothers girlfriends gift, lol. I adopt some folks into my family because there are the extra family that God didn’t give me to begin with so that I would have the joy of discovering them.

Anyhoo I had to block the scarf as witnessed here

This was done with that schmancy mohair wool stuff that I’d managed to snag at the nice Wally World while it was on clearance. I got it for a buck! What luck, lol.

So I’m scampering around yesterday realizing that I’ve got to be in Orlando by dinner Saturday for a family dinner at my dads and then Sunday my mom is getting married and I have completely forgotten to mail out my gifts for this year [grin] but that’s ok cause everyone knows I’m a flake and will be happy that they got something this year as we were broke last year, hehe. Which reminds me I need to take my brother Jon his (I think it was birthday) present from a couple months ago that I’d forgotten to take with me when we went down last time. I mean realllllllllly folks, I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached. I don’t mean to be that way it’s just I get distracted and’ that’s all she wrote ya know?

So in the midst of all my flightyness I was waiting for our “semi permanent” houseguest Geoff to get a phone call because someone FINALLY told my friends about some department that helps veterans get work and they went there yesterday morning and now they’re waiting for a call about a job.

I’m telling you the state of Florida treats folks who have worked hard all their lives but need help to get back on their feet like CRAP.  From what they said they wen’t into their appointment today and the lady was like huge & hairy and just kept going on and on about how she was previous military and she was ok, and her daddy was a Marine and blah blah blah…. ooooook, now what the heck does that have to do with the fact that my friends are literally jobless (not for lack of trying though) and homeless?  The state is only willing to help them out with $250 a month plus food stamps saying that it’s so poor and blah blah and that Sandy would have to be downtown every single day at 8:30 in the morning in “dressy work clothes” looking for a job on the computer down there… ummm, what the bloody heck do you think they’re doing now?  Sitting here eating bon bons?   And what freakin windfall is going to allow her to get some clothes that aren’t casual?  And how the heck is she supposed to get down there?  We’re not wealthy folks ourselves and we’re already doing what we can for them.

Heck, if it wasn’t for the Xmas bonus Dave got we wouldn’t be able to get our car fixed and lemme tell ya a tie rod thingie is an important thing to have working properly on a car!

But nope, my friends are screwed when it comes to getting any state’s assistance to get back on their feet due to the fact that countless people in the past and present use the system as a hand OUT rather than a hand UP.  Effing leeches.


You know, I’ve been writing this post most of the morning, lol and forgot I had it up as I went around packing and waiting for the car to be done at the shop so we could get to dads.

Well, we called Midas who were supposed to do our car first thing in the morning and guess what?  They were just pulling it in to work on it and it’ll still be like 4 hours.  The bas*&@ds.  So we’re going to be late for the early family Xmas party :::sigh:::

Later folks.


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As some of you folks know I’ve got houseguests and have had them for a bit over a month now, they’re here trying to put their lives back together because their family sucks.

I just got off the phone with the mother who should be on her medications but who knows if she’s taking them.  She insisted that Sandy had to call her…ummm from my phone.  Not that I mind Sandy using the phone mind you I mind being TOLD that she HAS to by some psycho woman who thinks her alcoholic son (who mooched off of Geoff and Sandy for years and was constantly mentally and verbally abusive to her and his nieces) is perfect.

Yeah, hey psycho relatives of Geoff and Sandy … Kiss my grits and don’t call my house again, they’ll contact you when they darn feel good and ready.  And of course like I told you when you started insisting things while I was in the middle of talking to my family and were freakin rude to me…. Merry Christmas.  (because you’re such wonderful caring Christians. who couldn’t be bothered to actually help your blood whereas we as friends have, funny)

My rant is over.

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