Ok, so I’ve got kp 3 going and I’m using the caron one pounder in some tan color. Here’s the back of the current take of the sweater pattern I’ve been fighting with, lol.

and here is the back off the machine with green scrap holding the stitches for me

That is all for now 🙂 actually didn’t take me that long to do this time must be because I’ve been fighting to do this for a couple days…… ok, a week. LOVE the sweater machine though only took me a half hour to do this once I got it all figured out, and it might not have taken me that long if I hadn’t been watching the Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer cartoon. Which reminds me of another great holiday song by Elmo and Patsy, lol.


I have the gryffindor scarf off the knitting machine!  This is what it looks like at the moment. Ignore the green waste yarn, lol.  Now of course this isn’t a full length one I did rows of 20 for each stripe with 7 maroon and 6 yellow and one of the stripes got an extra two rows because I turned my head to coo at the baby and accidentally went too far.  whops

Gimme a couple hours and it will be sewn up and have fringe.  I of course ended up with a hole in the blasted thing where a stitch dropped and I picked it back up wrong, lol.  But that was right by a side where I have to seam so maybe nobody will notice.  I’m just so jazzed I got it done. A bit of wax on my machine did the trick for sure, of course I guessed on where to wax it but I musta done it right because it just zipped right along.

Tonight I’m going to tackle that  darned Not so baby yoda sweater again, thrid times a charm after all ;-)~

I got fed up last night at about 11 pm. It happens occasionally, because I try to let my daughter do the right thing and she just doesn’t seem to want to but I keep allowing her the opportunity to do it because that’s how we learn to be responsible.

Well, you see my daughters share a room and I don’t expect the baby to clean my 10 yr olds mess (11 in 16 more days) I’m not even getting this out properly since I’m only half awake, lol.

I have 3 children aged 12 yrs, 10 yrs, and 9 months. I have baby proofed the house. My older daughter seems to think that the room she shares is exempt from needing everything picked up off the floor. We’ve been fighting her for years to keep her room clean to begin with trying every trick in the book to get it to be so but it comes down to her unwillingness to do the right thing.

She lost everything that was on the floor. I bagged it ALL up into trash bags because that’s what she must think her stuff is and took it away. She has to earn each bag of clothes and toys back by completing one of her chores. So far this morning she’s earned 1 back by emptying the dishwasher and has had to go through and sort everything in that bag and put it up properly. Now she has to finish the floor by vacuuming and getting all her little jewelry making bits and pieces picked up, period. I mean she knows that we’re sick of stepping on them, heck, she’s said she is sick of stepping on them but still hadn’t bothered to pick them up [sigh]

Needless to say she’s not happy with me. But after finding her the perfect gift last night that cost me over $50 (and mind you we didn’t really have that but it was the absolute PERFECT thing to get her and I hardly ever find something that she would actually like) I’m darn well going to make sure that it has somewhere safe to go. Ok, I got her the Fur Real Friends Squawkers she has a collection of these Fur Real Friends that in the past have been purchased for her by my ex inlaws and such, well, it was my darn turn. See not only does she love the FRF’s but she also loves parrots and has this one that she picked up on a field trip to St Augustine that sits on her shoulder

and of course her 3rd favorite thing is Billy the Big Mouth Bass.

So, I dunno, I lost my wind here because I had to go deal with the baby again, lol.  I just think she should clean her room.

My friend Shantel made the Sunday edition of the Jacksonville Florida Times Union


Just thought I’d share, it was kinda cool 🙂

Good grief it took me all day yesterday and just til about 6 tonight to get my main household computer back up and running safely.  I can’t believe my son allowed some stupid program to download (he gave it freakin permission) he’s not a little kid and he knows better.  I think he was having some kind of weird “my brain is fried because I pretended to do so much work right before the holidays” moment, lol.

All good now though, ditched McAffee (sp) because it sucked in trying to get rid of the problem and now I’m back with AVG which I preferred in the first place but listened to the stupid computer guy and switched.  Never again.

On the positive side I’ve gotten quite a bit of the Gryffindor scarf done for my friend Bears son TJ.  Gosh I love my knitting machine!  I’ve given up on the blasted baby yoda sweater for the moment, lol.  I know when I’ve been whopped.

My next thing is to chart a special something that if I write it here the dear hubby might see it and it would ruin the surprise.  It’s manly though!  Ok I’ll give you a couple hints.  It might be the symbol from this site or it might be this skull  or it might be Odin’s Knot hahaha, because I’m not saying for sure,Mr Man won’t know what his Yule gift is if he sees this :::wiggling eyebrows:::

Ok, I’m outta here the baby is fussing at me to com play with her.


As some of you folks know I’ve got houseguests and have had them for a bit over a month now, they’re here trying to put their lives back together because their family sucks.

I just got off the phone with the mother who should be on her medications but who knows if she’s taking them.  She insisted that Sandy had to call her…ummm from my phone.  Not that I mind Sandy using the phone mind you I mind being TOLD that she HAS to by some psycho woman who thinks her alcoholic son (who mooched off of Geoff and Sandy for years and was constantly mentally and verbally abusive to her and his nieces) is perfect.

Yeah, hey psycho relatives of Geoff and Sandy … Kiss my grits and don’t call my house again, they’ll contact you when they darn feel good and ready.  And of course like I told you when you started insisting things while I was in the middle of talking to my family and were freakin rude to me…. Merry Christmas.  (because you’re such wonderful caring Christians. who couldn’t be bothered to actually help your blood whereas we as friends have, funny)

My rant is over.

I am absolutely and positively disgusted with Joann Fabrics, they have Valentines decorations out already, before you fuss at me though let me state that AS a Crafter I appreciate having holiday CRAFTing supplies out in advance, true, BUT the decorations?  Nope, that just for some reason set me right into a horrible depressed idea of the horrendous commercialism that has sucked our world in.  They could have waited until the day after Christmas at least rather than having effing heart decorations competing with Christmas and Yule stuff making the whole blinking isle look like a coloring book barfed up it’s crayons.  Though I will say it was nice their polymer clay is 50% off for the 2 ounce bars.

Now add to this the fact that my son somehow downloaded a slew of viruses this morning onto my main computer which my seemingly cheesy McAffee is STILL running it’s scan, and the Stopzilla or whatever I downloaded asked for us to buy the license before it would delete the crap but of course I couldn’t put in our bloody credit card information to buy it because the computer is ALREADY infected and I just don’t want any of our information to be input ant the moment!  ACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

On a nicer note I had two folks stop over today 🙂 Miz Linda came by and I fixed her necklace up with some nice ribbon as opposed to the rat tail that was on it; and Miz Mel who had an itty bitty sewing machine that just  wasn’t ever going to be capable of doing what she needs it to do.

I’m going to be scheduling a “crafty brunch” for January where anyone who wants can gather with us to doingn some nifty crafts, probably sewing in January, though  Linda and I will be doing some knitting before that for sure!

Ok, I’m off for now I really need to relax, most likely in the way of a couple Tylenol.